The “Do Something” Mindset (The Power of Practicing More)
Thomas Oppong

Quick case point:

Half brother always telling me how great a photographer he is. Shoots wife and kids and not much else. 4 years after offering to buy a “Street photographer’s Personal Photo Session” for him he never took me up on it.

Me, same 4 years, 40, 000 images shot, several $10,000 of equipment bought. 100s of hours “doing Lightroom & Photoshop” work, Editor of Sierra Club Camera Committee newsletter for a year.

I left him in the dust of talking but Not walking.

I may be struggling to make it. But I am living my dream of being an International traveling Professional Photographer.

Have considered myself pro since 1976 when I had my 1st freelance photo published on the front page of my high school newspaper.

Did 9 years as Photo Editor of 6 newspapers 1988–1997.

If you desire to reach your dream, get out and go for it.

You can refine as you walk, just as you look out for rocks and sticks as you walk any path.

Standing still goes nowhere.

I have been known to crawl, just to keep going forward.

Lovingkindness energy to all in their journey in life.

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