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To continuously say Humans are better, different, because it hurts your ego. Makes my point.
I wrote in reply to the post of” Humans making an A.I. machine smarter than them.”
I STATED, the currently in POWER humans will NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN.
You have proven my point. You are scared of not being “Special”.
to say bees don’t dream is to say you have been inside a bee’s head.
So let’s examine the the reality here.
I pointed out humans are not “BETTER” THAN OR SMARTER THAN OTHER LIFE FORMS.
Fukushima is 5 and half years of poisoning your oceans, which is 75% of your oxygen supply.
There is no humans worrying about the death of the oceans.
There is an agreement of 40 to 400 years by TEPCO, the owners of Fukushima in the radiation cooling off enough TO TRY AND CLEAN UP THE MESS.
The plutonium in those reactions has a HALF LIFE OF 25,000 YEARS, therefore an ounce of material is deadly for millions of years. Fukushima has tons of this material open and spreading poison. You have no “Star Trek” devices to save your planet.
Your oceans are at 25% of the life in them as was there 150 years ago.
Therefore the Fukushima disaster is the Death Kill of this planet for human and oxygen breathing life.
USA corporations have deforested most of the rain forests and plant life making your oxygen also.
Therefore your SMART HUMANS have insured that you will die off in a few years. 
25 years at best.
I have a spiritual mark on my soul. 
It comes from a book written by humans called the Bible.
Revelations 2:17 is a “god object”. It is given by a god and can not be changed or given or taken away by a human being. 
Ii is only visual on the Spiritual Realm or with spiritual sight looking at my hand.
I received it in 1987, however since in 1962 I took a vow to the “Creator of this Universe to NEVER BELONG TO ANY RELIGION, I had NEVER read the Bible. 
On the Spiritual Realm, when the “Christ” entity put his “God Object” in my hand, I demanded to know what it was he had done. He/it laughed and told me to read a Bible to know what it was. It was 10 years later I more fully understood the what that White Stone was. I studied the passage as an investigative reporter/publisher & lawyer. Not as someone wanting a “Savior”.
On the Spiritual Realm, no spirit can change it. It is not a physical object because I could lose it from a hole in my pocket or some one steal it or I die and someone find it and know the “Unknowable Name”. This is a TRUE GOD OBJECT. You may see the ‘White Stone’ but no one will ever know that “Unknowable Name”.
So since it is a mark of my connection to EVERY SPIRIT ON THE SPIRITUAL REALM, but is not a limit of what I can do or am, for me to understand things beyond a normal human is standard. I simply have the highest rating of spiritual connection possible & therefore the highest level of empathic ability on the planet. Some one can match me but no one surpass me. I can be aware of your entire planet and it’s living energy at any moment and simply am 24/7/365. 
To disprove this Spiritual mark you must first prove there are no Gods or that the Spiritual Realm which created this physical universe does NOT EXIST. Good luck. Even Quantum Physics agrees that something beyond it’s understanding exists.
It is the Spiritual Realm that informs me of the 25 year time limit of human life. Which corresponds with the data given me in 1962, that the human race would kill itself off before my human body died of natural causes. Since my mother is alive at 91 yr. old and I am 58, both the ime limit of my body’s life span & the death sentence of Fukushima are well within the projected model & time frame.
5 years ago I was warned of the death of this planet. I was told humans would not in any way answer the problems of Fukushima.
That is now truth. Every ocean has radiation in it and no where is there a place to contain the oceans and hide them from view.
There is no replacement for the oxygen making machine of the oceans. The radiation and OTHER POLLUTION, will kill just about every thing living within the next couple years, shutting down the oxygen of your planet.
And just as my invention the International Space Station requires Oxygen and other life sustaining stuff be shipped up to it or those people will die.
Your planet will not longer have what you need to survive. Sure a rich person or 2 will have compressors to filter out the oxygen but again there is only so long such a system will work and with INCOMING no food or clean water OR CLEAN AIR, and NO ability to make more supplies of filters, they will die in their holes in the ground or on islands or mountains…
This post started with a man claiming to have an A.I. that could “think like a human” and I stated no you can’t produce one at this point.
Human Ego is too much Needed in Modern Society. Instant Pleasure is the goal.
POOPING IN YOUR DINNER PLATE, is not considered. 
You have a closed Environment.
You do not export anything off the planet & more important you DO NOT IMPORT ANYTHING FROM OFF THE PLANET TO THE SURFACE OF YOUR PLANET.
All of your waste product is on this planet.
It is in every water supply, food supply.
There for were I asked to define a human being, it would be as such;
“an animal, so concerned with comfort and physical appearance that it has no logical abilities, no survival skills and no desire to have any.”
You may be different than the other animals, but not because you are smarter, more intelligent or loving. Your species lacks these qualities more than it respects them.
There is no one that humans have been more intent on. That they are not destroying or trashing, then the spiritually connection humans of your planet.
There is not religion on this planet that is allowed to connect to the Spiritual Realm in a real sense.
Even New Age Spirituality is a profit & comfort industry that destroyed any attempt to allow the real spiritual people to communicate the need to reconnect.
So the 4 main churches of the Bible, Jews, Christians, Catholics, Muslims are all about control and pride, and the spread of war.
And those same ones state to their members, ‘if we destroy this planet, Our God will give us a new one.”
The spoiled child idea. When the child breaks it’s toy, just buy it a new one. Pleasure center objective driven systems.
You are a perfect example of this, instead of my original statement of humans being more in common with life on this planet or the BASE statement of being an inventor and no HUMAN can CREATE A MACHINE TO THINK and create like I do, you continue to proclaim other wise. 
Your ego will not allow you to accept factual evidence.
You prove my point.
HUMANS WILL KILL THEMSELVES before admitting they are just another part of a environment.