Never go to space it’s terrible omg
Leigh Alexander

So you are saying that we show never have crossed the stream that led to crossing a pond, that led to crossing a sea, that led to crossing oceans?

We should not build better machines or climb mountains?

Build better houses to live in?

We should not think outside that box of our comfort zone?

I was 3 yrs old, knowing I would have a very terrible abusive life in front of me. I would never have any one to count on, but would have this person or that person in a needed moment do what I needed to survive.

Did I give up?

No. I am 58 yrs old and in my past is the invention of the International Space Station. The USA and NASA can neither credit me nor deny my claim. The USA removed my Human Rights 24 years ago. Physically tortured me 12 years ago. The USA would have to admit that which it does not want to admit.

Yet, I smile. I share lovingkindness energy to the world.

Where ever on this planet I go, I can look up and see that ISS Star that I created with a “single page letter” shining down to inspire anyone & everyone to go for their dreams.

I have many such stories in my walk of life. Even my 25 yr old son, who will not talk to me because of the pain from the USA’s violent separation of us, sends me an email every once in a long while saying, “Please Dad don’t give up on me.”

I inspire those that walk near my path, and with my words & images, self-publishing since 1974, images pro photographer since 1974, whenever & however with whatever I can.

Life is for learning, if you don’t sweat, how do you know you did something?

If there is no bad, how would you know “good?”

Do you want chocolate pudding forever and nothing else? No child I know of has lasted more that a month.

I look forward to the day I leave this planet and pampered people behind.

Lovingkindness energy to you and your readers.

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