Kind of sorry you have the stigma of everyone else, labels…
Peter Vanderhoof

sorry that should say or me claiming ANY religion…

to footnote that:

REvelations 2:17 {NIV Study Bible 1994 version}
Revelations 2:17 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To Him the overcomes, I will give some hidden manna. I also will give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who recieves it.
{This is written in Red Ink to show that it is the Words of Christ himself.} 
I received this mark by the personal Hand of “Christ” in 1987, during a 10 month spiritual retreat in the mountains by myself.
I have READ The English versions of this Rev. 2:17 passage in several countries, and at least a dozen versions of the Bible. This is always and Action By Christ himself and No other person. Nor is there EVER any comment of belonging to Christ or to any church. It is a mark of overcoming prejudices and hearing “the churches”, note “the churches” is plural. This planet has many churches, Jew, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Shinto, New Age Spiritual, Mega-TV churches, and the Native Tribes of the 7 continents who saw the Whole Planet as Their church and spoke to the land, air, waters, plant & animal Spirits. I heard and understand any of these, because I belong to none o them. I respect all life, not just those I like. I have read the religious writing of most of these religions as well, and listened to many a preacher demand monies for the protection from a non-existence Devil/Satan. Those persons worship gold & power, the physical plane. 
I received this mark of Spiritual Achievement in 1987, for the 1st 10 yrs I hid it, IT WAS AN INSULT HAVE ON MY SPIRITUAL BEING. In 2015, a christian lawyer, bragging on “Only Christian lawyers could be ANY GOOD in a court pissed me off and I told him of the mark. As per my agreement with the CREATOR OF THIS UNIVERSE, the one The Bible says is the FATHER of Christ, I had to make it public from the time I told ANYONE on the Planet of the mark. 28 yrs it was known only to me, Christ & CREATOR, or any spiritual being in the Spiritual Realm. If you can walk the Spiritual Realm, you can see the mark, but not the name. If you have “spiritual sight” and look at my right hand, you can also see the mark. But not the name.

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