The problem with Spiritual in a Materialism world

The problem with Spiritual in a Materialism world.

By far the biggest problem is that materialism is ever ready to profit from anything it can.

So religions have made it profitable to tell people that they are helping people be spiritual.

However any one who is spiritual can tell you that not a single piece of gold or silver has ever been placed on the Spiritual Realm.

That’s right, the Spiritual Realm has nothing Physical on it EVER.

You are there in energy only.

The Spiritual Realm which creates any and all physical Realms of course can make a solid gold planet if it wants to.

So why would the Spiritual Realm want people killing other people, animals, plants, the very life that the Spiritual Realm created to share a physical existence?

It doesn’t.

Gods don’t behave like spoiled children either.

So materialism sees this as a short coming of the Spiritual Realm, they are over there somewhere and by calling people names and making it seem that Gods would be what this “human idea of Rich Person does” they make profit off of other people’s pain.

Advertising uses buzz words to spin lies, as fast as possible because of course to sell some person or group of people on something is money in the company’s pocket.


Money, an imaginary item created by humans claiming something is of “said value”.
Now, sure the idea of a commerce trade vehicle is fine.
When it gets out of hand, people are abused.

And the Gods get the blame, instead of the real physical beings doing the abuse.

I have in my years listened the most stupid phrase ever, “If God is so loving, why does he/she allow this to happen?”

Simple, the “god” gave you life and intelligence to figure it out. YOU STOP IT.

Why would a God want to control everything?

How can you gain enlightenment, if you do nothing to learn?

On this physical planet, there are 4 main religions in control, all come from the same location, and set of writing.

And all 4 are at war with each other for 6000 PLUS YEARS… the names might change but those same groups of people have taught every where they GO to fight for one of those groups…

And each one talks of How spiritual they are…

About as backwards as the physical realm can get about the Spiritual Realm.

Each says it is the one & only religion.

Each commands it’s followers to kill any objections to it’s rule…

However two of those religions use the same book and claim the same “End Times” notice, 
When the church claims to be greater/more important than it’s Creator/God.

The leader of those churches made a public statement of that effect some months ago.

Science shows that the life on the planet is past survival point.

While no one wants to admit it, and put all the data together in one pile.
It is there to see.

But materialism, is selling rocket ships to Mars, homes under the oceans, and stuffed animals.

No one cares.

I guess my point is, I have never given up in my fight to survive.
Yet I have never been one to fight a stupid losing battle.
So for me, it is a time for reflection.
And see how many others join that understanding.

Miracles exist, I have one up my spiritual sleeve.

But it is only for me, rules of that game I agreed to with the Spiritual Realm for me to play for them.

You have to find your own miracles folks.

I have made my reports, I just await to see the finally outcome.

One last report to give, a photojournalist to the end.

I am hoping that there will be good news, but humans tend to figure things out after it is way too late.

Will I get to report of a miracle?

Lovingkindness energy to all.

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