The REWARD of Respect & Honesty of & for a Woman.

Well, this is a hard story to write as if nothing else it is still in progress.

Old man, an artist, an activist. My life has never been easy.

A Spiritual Story…

(UPDATE 20180115: well as all such stories in my life… yeah the “Gods” themselves lied. Over a full year & at no point in time did Monica ever show any interest in me as a living breathing human being. Since the time I wrote this post to the present date, Monica has constantly told me I am so stupid a human being that I should give all my professional equipment to her parents so they can be rich & she can go to “marry a Rich American husband & be a princess in USA”.

Yeah, I made the mistake of telling her that unlike her parents she was not calling me names like pervert, stupid, dumb, ignorant of what my computer & cameras are used for, and finally the “Gods” started to shut up when she & her family & their business started to tell people in town I was a “Faggot from San Francisco” to prevent me from moving into a “Dry house to protect my cameras & other gear.”

The “Gods” let me get out of that area of people & influence.

Dirt & moisture has started fungus in EVER ONE OF MY LENSES, loss of $20,000 US dollars or more.

My cameras are also suffering…

My computers are full of dirt…

Mold & rot has destroyed clothing, bedding, books, personal possessions & so much more…

So the so “called decent woman” does not exist.

Monica is just another simple minded peasant girl who wants what others have without working for it or PAYING FOR IT!

In our last conversation Monica explained to my face, “that I was so dumb, stupid and totally worthless that she would not even use me for paper in the toilet to wipe her butt with. I had no ability to know anything because I was in Mexico & ONLY MEXICANS CAN BE SMART IN MEXICO. (rather TRUMPed like conversation…)

So this story is over now.

Monica is just a little girl that wanted a free ride in life.

She has no ability to be anything to me because she does not see me as a living being, just a “Thing” to steal from… abusive people are sadly all the same.

Shit on others before they shit on you… Monica did so along with her family & employees & friends…

I survive & move on.

Designed to “Beat the Devil”, I proved the “Gods” wrong & yes, they have admitted it as well. Even the “CHRIST Entity” has nothing to offer for the damage done to my life. Not even a explanation of why I had to get shit on for 20 months when I pointed out the obviously lack of interest by her. Rev. 2:17 given by the “CHRIST Entity”, yeah “Christ” has to answer even if it is to refuse to show evidence of why I was lied to. I hear EVERYTHING from the “Spiritual Realm”…

Those of you that know anything about relationships know that humans show some interest or lack of interest in the 1st few weeks of meeting some one.

END OF update)

The church that claims to own the “Saint”.

Dec. 2015 I left USA, I saw the political environment happening & have studied way too much human psychology and human history.

When I got to Mexico, I was for lack of a better word, A target.

Within a couple of days a woman at the hotel I was at to repair my wrecked truck, said she would buy some of my photographs I had printed out and had survived the accident, however:

  1. I had to sell them to her for LESS than they cost me to print them.
  2. I had to marry her and take her to the USA.

Yeah, right, she was hostess of the restaurant, I stopped going in to eat on her shift, no big deal.

12 days, later I had fixed my truck & trailer, and hauled the remains of my stuff to a town which a woman in the Los Angeles area side I would be safe at.

The woman’s sister, of course, seeing a person with professional equipment and no place to go, starting attacking me.

I did rent a room, the worst the family had in a small courtyard, but a metal door and my control of the lock & chain to secure it.

I have decades of camping and outdoor living, nope not a freakout. Just deal with it. Bugs, mice scorpions just a part of my life.

The family refused to let me hook up internet to the room so I have to go to a CAFE in town every day I want to use the internet. A daily expense to drive me broke…

11 months later, I still use that same CAFE, 6–7 days, more often 7 days a week. 4 to 8 hours.

The town knows me, lots of people insulted me, tried to steal from me.

I don’t speak much Spanish, I’m dyslexic, every try to learn to speak language and your mind is not able to use standard “memory tricks”?

Yeah, I laughed it off, for months, I would introduce myself “Englaci, nada Espanola. Stupido Americano.”

It works, I get what I want and everyone is enjoying the laughs. Or I leave knowing, it is my fault I can’t say what I need.

Every person here who speaks English has tried to rip me off or set me up to rip off, or gave me a wary feeling of “keep your distance.”

Except 2 people, which is this why this story is written,

One is a man who needed someone to explain what he needed to do with some USA legal documents & family members in USA stealing his monies.

We talked 3 times. We met and the next day I did a quick internet search to get some information for him. Met him later that day and gave him the sheet of paper with my notes.

A month or 2 later, he approached me on the street, told me “All is going good. He is getting it straightened out. Thank you so much!” Then walked back into the crowd.

The other is a young lady that works at the CAFE, her mother owns/runs.

I am a professional photographer, and as an activist 12 years ago I had my shoulder broken and put in prison to make sure I understood that I was not liked by the USA government. 12 years later that shoulder has never been repaired. I was locked up for 30 days when they broke it and laughed at, called a “Liar” when I would ask for medical help.

Every doctor, has walked out of the examination room when I speak of repairs & the use of TORTURE in causing the injury.

No person in USA, has ever defended my need for medical and at 12 years old of an injury, there is NO REPAIR NOW.

However, here in Mexico, the younger daughter, Moneeca, (my spelling) has watched people be mean to me.

She is 18–19 years old, cute as can be.

I am celibate, my last girlfriend watched me hit the floor on my back DURING LOVE MAKING, in pain, hardly able to breath from the pain. She walked out in 2005.

I have never let any woman near me since.

Moneeca, well after 11 months, she still has her crush/like of me.

She may give up on the idea of a relationship with me yet, but now the shoe is on the other foot.

She did for several weeks twist her hand in weird u-turn positions to touch fingers with me. I tried a couple of times to avoid the “touch” but seeing her hand bending tricks, gave up and let her touch me. Nothing more came of it and several weeks later she stopped and her family removed her from working in the Cafe for about 3 months.

Then a little while back suddenly she was allowed to not only work during the times I come in, but she gets to serve me. If I am seen talking to her, no one comes to stare at me either.

That is the most forward action she has ever made to me.

She does not dress up in front me to be “super sexy”, she does not come hang on me while I work, she does her job and nothing more.

But the shy, stare at the floor, embarrassed look of a person with a “crush”, if nothing else I remember my own actions in such circumstances. As a pro photographer/artist/writer, you see it often. I know Moneeca had a crush on me & do believe she still may.

She squirmed in her chair, showing her discomfort at her mother’s behavior. Mother was coming in being a “Mother Hen” at the very least.

Empath, it is hard not to have people’s emotions poured on you. And understand them!

The mother has/had an agreement to help make me go broke and she will get part of my expensive possessions to sell to off. The mother lied to me so quickly, (yes the mother speaks English), I was alerted at the start of my coming into the Cafe. She made the wrong comment about my laptop, opps lady, don’t hack and are not a graphics person. How could you know what I built custom for me and why would you have a expensive graphics laptop?

However Moneeca, well, what can I say???

To have a beautiful member of the opposite sex, (or same sex if that is your choice of partnership) and do what for is obviously not in my memory banks for at least 30 years…if ever!

She got my attention.

Worse, I carry a mark from the Bible. No, I am not a religious person, I am spiritual. Much different:

Revelations 2:17, is a “god object”, it is given by “Christ” and no one else. It is not given by any Human beings for any reason, nor can any Human Being take it away or Change it in any way. A true “God object”, only the God/Spirit can chance it. It is not a claim of ownership, it is simply a mark to say that “ANY SPIRIT” in the Spiritual Realm that wants to talk to me, I will hear it. When “Christ” gave me the mark, That Entity told me to “read a Bible if you want to know what I did.” I had never read the Bible in 1987, when it happened. I told a vow in 1962, to never belong to a religion and I did not like the Bible’s energy pattern, so I refused to read it.

Moneeca has been told several times of it, and my claim to hear the “Saint”.

Well, the town I am in has a Vatican Official “Saint”, collects several millions dollars a year off visitors/pilgrims.

I met that “Saint” in the first couple of days here and had to search the internet to find out what that Spirit was. It would visit again about 2 months later. The church wants no part of me, and has refused to talk to me.

“LUCI”, locals & church call her “La Senorita de San Juan de los Lagos”. LUCI is the original name, that entity goes by and it has been on the continent for “slightly over a billion years”. There is an inside joke of my having to say “slightly” instead of over a billion years. “LUCI” gets a laugh at my stumbling over it with my dyslexic brain cells. And yes, after I asked the entity is real name, and was told, what I found on Google was a surprise answered search.

Any way, I am here and there is a huge amount of beautiful local women… my personal demons, I blogged of it even to talk of the laugh. Competition is fierce and walking around town, a 58 ugly old man getting cat calls is amusing.

Moneeca knows I have been walking through town and seen her approaching but not realize it is her, just a cute woman is walking my direction. She has caught me looking at her. She knows she is “Pretty on my eyes.”

Moneeca also knows I don’t shame her or embarrass her either for about her interest in me.

She has spoke of her dream of going to “America” and when Trump was ranting away about Mexicans she was one of the many people would spoke or tried to speak to me about the horrible man in USA.

Moneeca was very sad for over a week when Trump won. She knows her dream is gone forever. I had warned her of this in February 2016, that it was not safe to go to the USA as an immigrant.

Moneeca’s mother had words of dismay at Trump’s winning the next day. She made comment of the end of USA…

And during all of this, the Spiritual Realm has made me pay attention to this young lady and the behavior of her and those around her in the town.

Moneeca has been honest and & Respectful of me.

The other day someone said something mean about me I am betting, and yes, she has backed off a couple steps, but she doesn’t not appear to have abandoned our friendship. I had a few words with a family member of my landlord, the very people desiring me possessions.

Then a few months ago, I was questioning the Spiritual Realm on why if I even looked at a photograph on the internet of a beautiful woman, why a “very similar looking” woman would cross my path later that same day!

I got told, “Very simple. How long have you been celibate? Is there ever going to be a repair of the shoulder? Did you not agree to change that celibate rule when the shoulder got repaired?”

I, of course do not lie to the Spirits, and admitted to as much.

The Spiritual Realm needs me to change my “celibate rule.”

So I did, but with my distaste for Bible churches, I would not change it here in Mexico.

However, I need to make some kind of income while here, and again it came back to my needed to change something. Moneeca, being a local, would stop her mother from fighting against me… I suspect the mother, who’s energy pattern has changed lately, would not anger her younger daughter’s wishes.

The Spiritual Realm again, stepped in, reminding me off my job to service of the Spiritual Realm. Plus pointing out Moneeca’s qualities to me.

Moneeca is about a third my age and nope, I am not one of those people, man or woman, who desires a “cute young person as a toy” to make me look good.

So I am confronted with the problem of the Spiritual Realm, reminding me that at 22 years old an astrology friend who did my chart in 1979 and “Made me study the books to learn what the chart meant.” Yeah, you guessed it “late in life, a woman had the Possibility of entering my life for a relationship I had never before had.”

Moneeca, by her behavior is the most respectful of me woman I have ever met.

It is late in my life and I am in a town that I ended up in by chance. I was to be in another town a few 100 kms away.

If Moneeca had wander past my eyes when I was 22 years old, I guarantee I would have taken notice and made her smiles a habit to see.

After 11 months later, yes, she has won my heart.

If she wants me, I will submit and do my best to keep her a happy smiling woman.

I don’t know what her attitude to me is at the moment, the locals in any social circle can be vicious and she is young. But in 11 months, she has weathered a lot and still shows signs of smiles and possibly wanting a little closer relationship.

My ex-wife, told me she “married me not to be married, but to be divorced.” It was a dirty ugly following 16 years.

My son at 25 yrs old wants my emails, but we both understand because of the abuse, but I have told him, he is not required to write me back. We have only seen each other in person 1 once for 18 hrs in over 13 years. The ex-wife is abusive emotionally. The court system broke my shoulder for wanting to have my son in my life.

My son & I both life with pain on a daily basis.

Again, Moneeca is younger than my son…

I live in a much more honest world than most humans do, I have too! The spiritual Realm is there and always talking to me. I am not crazy, you have to an ego GREATER than a God, to say it does not exist.

I don’t “hear voices” as mental patient would claim. But you can’t argue the levels of knowledge I possess. There is some “thing” greater that Humans… they just don’t have a small enough ego to understand. 56 years of PERSONAL knowledge makes a difference.

I understand and do have that “smaller ego”. I don’t tell Gods and Spiritual Beings what they are allowed to do. In return the Spiritual Realm respects me.

The Spiritual Realm does not lie, like religions do. But they do make me work things out for myself and learn.

I wander through life seeing the bad behavior, and can only shake my head, but Moneeca has torn a hole in my heart and soul. Moneeca is “A decent person.”

I don’t know what will happen, however I do have a habit of facing my demons and fears.

Moneeca is a demon & a fear. Very young & Beautiful.

Moneeca is also a dream of something too beautiful to let her down by not acting on the idea of at least seeing if she is still wanting to have a relationship with me.

After all Moneeca did do a very good job of showing “HONESTY & RESPECT”, and that deserves the same back.

20171011: Update, well truth to humans, I spoke to Moneeca and kind of thanked her for being a “decent human being” shortly after writing this post.

I did NOT IN ANY WAY make a pass at her.

At this point in time I no longer will go into the Cafe.

At this point in time her family has called me a “Faggot” to every person I try to talk to in this town.

Moneeca has defended her mother’s actions to the point of screaming in my face that I am too “STUPID TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE COMPUTER I BUILT WITH MY OWN HANDS. ANY 2 YEAR OLD CHILD IN MEXICO CAN BUILD COMPUTERS FROM SCRATCH.”

So nope, I no longer talk to her.

Humans are arrogant things at best and see no reason to be honest or decent.

No wonder the Spiritual Realm asked me to come to this planet & the humans will die off before my body dies.

Yeah, I still got my thumb out…