How to Choose a Tripod for Landscape Photography
Alex Schult

Very nice.

If any one is interested, here is a blog post I did of my tripod & head system.

As a landscape photography, yes, weight is an issue, but so is the various way to set the tripod. A flat sidewalk is one thing, a rocky mountain side is quite another.

My GITZO GT2531EX & AcraTech GV-2 Gimball Ballhead “In-field Review” shows this system in action which can say a lot about what it can do and has been through with me over the past several years.

As I shoot nightscape light painting, star trails, & shooting stars or Milky Way photography as well, it is also a very stable system for the long exposures.

The blog post is here: ( no I do not get anything from Gitzo or AcraTech, I just like good working equipment!)