Goodbye Democracy and Capitalism
Floris Koot

Very well written.

Yes, small groups did not need organized groups controlling them.

Therefore religion was not created, churches did not exist. People were is to be nomadic living people. Connects to the planet existed.

Ego of a few, what ever or where ever wanted objects created to “honor themselves” and that became religions.

As more people became envious of those “higher glorified” individuals, governments (which operate on the business model as religions) became necessary.

Remove worship of “single humans” and worship of objects “man-made” and suddenly you remove 90% of the problems.

Jews, Christians, Catholics, Muslims/Islam are all religions from one set of writings.

They are all Desert Religions.

They all preach “there is not enough to go around.”

They are responsible for 90% of the wars on the planet in today’s world.

Sure humans fight each other, so do cats, dogs, wolves, tigers, bears, fish, snakes, viruses, bacteria….etc.

However those other animals & plants don’t try to OWN the whole world.

The beginnings of those 4 World Religions all CLAIM OWNERSHIP of the God that created them.

Hum, yes, my laptop is the owner of me, so is my camera the owner of me, my pencils & pens own me…

Illogical belief systems create illogical people.

To change this world, first change the belief system in power, capitalism in the hands of egotistical people is an egotistical system.

Capitalism in a moderate systems which “acceptance” is not a buzz word, but truth teaching, works for the overall benefit. Not instant pleasure of one person’s ego.

Same for democracy, a system of moderation thought, of “Common Good” understands that destroying the environment so one’s children and grandchildren have to deal major pollution, is NOT in the plant’s or ANYONE’S best interest.

Buddhism, as taught by Buddha, was closer to this.

Buddhism as taught today, teaches of “lineage is better”, yeah, that old ego problem. Keep churches alive, not the teachings.

When the building of humans are more important than the environment we live in, religions have lost touch with the Spirits.

When mountains and mosquitoes are considered a part of life, not some horrible then to remove or own, respect of all life becomes understandable.

I may not like getting bites from mosquitoes, but upsetting the balance of nature with man-made poisons is far worse.

Destroying, what you don’t own, has never been correct behavior.

Changing the base of human behavior will change the planet for the better.

Maybe even save a past help planet that dearly needs the Spiritual Realm’s help.

Spiritual Beings can’t be owned.

Or replaced by ancient text worship.

Human beings need to go to school, they are not the smartest on the planet, they fix the dumbest classification, they either destroy or let be destroyed for pleasurable entertainment their Home.

Nope, I have no evidence of any other life forms on this planet doing that.

Spiritual class is open & running.

Lovingkindness energy to All.

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