Detransition, Desistance, and Disinformation: A Guide for Understanding Transgender Children…
Julia Serano

VEry well written and informative, Thank you for this effort of writing!

I was raised in a white community with High phobia issues…

In my teens & early 20s I was approached by gay men for relationships, not gay myself at 1st I was taken back, then one day a close friend tried to make pass.

I am spiritual, and very intelligent, so the first thing was to question myself and my belief system. After all I knew that gender changing plants & animals exist all over the planet, therefore it “could not be against GOD”.

Second, I was from a very abusive home front and did not date much or get close to women or people, was I gay and did not know it?

Nope, I realized that if I wanted a girlfriend, I had to ask around of the kinds of women I liked, therefore a gay person if they wanted a relationship ALSO had to Ask around.

I have never had a problem since, and could possibly end up in a bi-sexual relationship where a man possible to be a personable match to me.

At 58 yrs. old and celibate for the past 11 yrs+ due to a physical injury which I do not want some one I love seeing me in pain all the time, I still have no problem with any one but those who Force their belief on to others.

A person has to live in their body, if they can chose a set of clothing for a day, and change it the next day, why should THEY not get to chose what the rest of their body is……. churches & governments to NOT OWN ANYONE.

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