On white feelings, jokes, and when white people just don’t get it (which is too often)
Ruchika G

Well as a “white boy” WELL PUT!!!

Sorry to hear you “don’t want white folk”, only because that is the starting point of racism.

Otherwise, I agree, I would much rather be around real people.

I lost my human rights 24 yrs ago.

Was tortured in a USA jail & later locked up in prison for “being too good of a honest lawyer” and defending my son’s & my Human Rights, 12 years ago .

Not a single WHITE friend has ever gone into a court room to defend me.

It bothers their “sensible NATURE” and interferes with their Social status.

Oh, well….

I am a Lone Wolf, 58 yrs old and been that status since 3yrs old. Yeah, I was in an abusive life.

I grew up and did not repeat those mistakes with my son. I got the shit beat out of me for Not being abusive….

My son at 25 yrs old, removed violently 13 yrs ago, still sends me an email every 6–9 months says “Please Dad don’t give up on me. I read your emails, every one, painful as it is. Sorry I can’t write more. I love you. Your son”

The different between “White shit” and Human Being.

So while I may not know your point of view, directly, I understand it much deeper than you will be able to understand of me.

No problem, I survive.

And NO, I don’t do mental health, I deal with shit as it happens. Take care of it and move on. I have studied several of those on mental health excuses and have to laugh at how many of them are saying the same “shit” 40 years later.

I hope you continue to write and do YOUR thing whatever it is.

Lovingkindness energy to you & your journey in life.