I blogged every day for a month. Here’s what happened.
Shaunta Grimes

well, I blog every day for the past year and several months with a blog now 5 years old. I do Quora & post in Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, everyday.

Quick break down, highest Quora answer read in one day 14,960

I now average 1000 views plus on Quora and hit just over 9,000 views yesterday, and over the past 30 days I have had over 100K of views.

20170404 Quora Stats

My Quora bio has my LinkedIn bio in it. So it links back to my professional sites. I post photos & links to my professional work as well.

I have been the most read in “Self employment” & “Photo Editing” on Quora.

My blog has 51 followers & for a photographer in the world of cheap junk photos I figure that is pretty good.

I hit the Google PAGE ONE in a search I was doing for something and surprised myself at being on page one.

down the list in about the10th spot but one PAGE ONE of a Google search.

I have had over 100 views in a single day on my photography blog.

I have had over 100 views on a post on LinkedIn.

Medium is not much of a push for me, I am too controversial for most people, however, I did trace back a follower to LinkedIn, send an email telling me & the possible future connection entrepreneur fun we might chat about.

The next day I found he had “tweeted” my ISS invention story to “HIS 70,000 followers”…

I have gained connections from around the world, adding some 235 LinkedIn connects in the past year.

I have had a couple of job offers to come to other countries…

Advertising is slow if you are honest. But it is long term results and stays with you.


Like I said “HONEST advertising is slow. You take what you get, but it is a solid growth not a flash-in-the-pan. Who knows what today or tomorow will bring but I am building my “Honest image”, not a fancy FAKE Person image.

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