The Tale of Probability and Luck: Why We’re in Control of Our Destiny
Christopher D. Connors

Well, I have a habit of beating the odds.

A comment, I made in 1978,

“When one goes looking for the end of a circle, One must first decide on which direction to look first.”

I was in a discussion with some one about the abilities I kept showing of doing the impossible.

That conversation included the understanding,

“That if you are aware of a prophecy, you have the right to try and change that prophecy.” No guarantee of success, just the right to try.

I have found in life that, “luck” has to factor into your life.

If opportunity is a door waiting to be opened, then by “giving yourself the daring to open such a door will give you the “luck of being in the right place at the right time.”

Had I listened to my teachers at 7 years old, “to never try to be a writer, I would not be the person I am today, with 1000s of published photographs, 100s of published stories, and now releasing 3 Photos & Words E-books created, designed and Published all in this year.

I would never have had the nerve to take a Photo Editor job of 6 weekly newspaper. I kept that job for 9 years.

As that friend & I finished our conversation, I made another comment on his request of something I would have to do in the future,

“With impossible odds, I have been asked to do the impossible, and told that it is quite possible for me to complete that task with impossible results. Resulting in impossible self worth to myself.”

I have never given up on myself.

At 58 years old, I still beat the odds.

If you believe in yourself, you may still fail to get it right the first time, but if you give up without trying.

You never gave yourself a chance to be happy with success.