Therein lies the challenge. Thought processes can be taught as can be journalistic integrity.

well, it may just be me…

but over the years I have found that if you teach people to think for themselves, (mostly in children) that the sense of “Self Worth” often so overpowering that they realize the loss of being entertained,

Is rather Nice.

Kind of weird, I know but look at all the people would exercise, run around jogging, playing sports… specially those that get out of the gyms & into the Open Air.

They learn of the high of exercise even in gyms, they feel better “In themselves” & about themselves.

They learn of goal setting and “that” even ‘tiny goals’ have big rewards.

They lose the fear of so called “failure” and realize it is just a learning process…

Sure, you will never be rid of those that want the “high” of sitting and being entertained, be it TV, music, drugs or alcohol.

But if 50% of a population was motivated to clean up the world they live in, well consider that most revolutions are won by just getting 3% of a population to do “Something” about injustice.

It is not an easy job….

From churches which teach to “forgive till you are a Dead martyr” so that nothing in 2500 plus years has changed, to governments teaching that “Bread & Circuses” is the best way for a mass public “to Live” because they are only humans and need others to “Care for them”… are not those leaders just humans too.

I know of NO church on this planet that “Shows a Spiritual Connection”, talks of it sure… Physical Evidence of such a connection Nope!

Since I carry the highest mark of “Spiritual Connection” possible on the planet, a mark given by a “God” and visual to anyone with spiritual sight. BUT not physical or change-able by any Human or other Spiritual Being, I kind of know the difference. (Rev. 2:17 & nope as required I do NOT belong to any religion, I hear ALL SPIRITUAL BEINGS of this planet and then some)

So I teach people to be better, to think for themselves… I do not teach them to “follow me”, but to find their own road/path in life.

Yet, the Pope Francis, just a couple weeks ago spoke out AGAINST people who think for themselves, this is just one of many videos of people speaking out…

So yes it is possible, but the deck is stacked against the individual teaching of such stuff…

And if you listen to Mass Media, of course you want to “belong” to a group.