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Well, long story, yes Vanderhoof is Dutch & on North Am continent since 1632, however I do not know who my real father is and no one in the family does either.

1960, I was given to a man who told me I was not his child & never would be. He is the father on one of my older half brothers. I am a USA citizen.

That “dad” was given the Vanderhoof last name by his mother when she remarried in 1928 or so. So while I look European, (my mother seems to have liked that look, 8 children and at least 4 fathers, we all look similar) I honor my mother’s Native American genes.

Wealth to me is in the heart not a wallet or bank.

Not dumb either, in 1983 I created an object called the International Space Station & NASA knows of my claim.

However I am a “Whistle Blower” and always have been. I left USA for my life in 2015, I knew TRUMPed was selected to be president and therefore it would be dangerous to remain. I have a current offer of death if I ever enter a USA court to protest the corruption & torture used on me. Broken shoulder/rib cage I live with 24/7/365 pain and remain a “lone Wolf” so that I can dive out the door fast if I have too.

I have never had a “trusted friend”, all have sold me out or run away. so I well understand that kind of life. Even my 26 yr old son is so damaged by abuse, that while he does love & help me some. It causes him too much emotional pain to be around me, so I only email him. AND Never worry if he does not reply.

But with 50 plus job titles in 7 industries of employment, owner of over 12 businesses over the years, I simply figure out how to survive.

As for any “black magic”, whatever your belief system is, if you have a “Spiritual Being” that you connect with, you may tell that “Spiritual Being” I grant them permission to connect to me for energy to help you. Simply tell them you are my friend & if necessary look at my profile photo while praying/connecting.

This is not for you or ANY HUMAN to connect to me, I will simply burn them off. “Spiritual Beings” understand why I walk this planet and know the rules. So no issues with them. I can send energy to you that is not an issue, but humans do not understand what I am connected to, so burnt fingers will occur.

Good luck.

p.s. I do “remote graphic design/visual artist work” so if you or a acquaintance need anything done let me know. Rates can vary, free to fees.

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