Of Course America Runs on Misogyny
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Well, not be impolite…. Trump is a disgrace…

However, please tell me why my sister in law to a half brother said her husband is not abusive “because she needs her rich American husband”, after spending several hours on the phone with me a week before, crying about how abusive he is.

I understood, I don’t speak to the half brother if possible.

Or how come women are all over sports athletes, some of the most violent behavior people with Male hormone drug abuse common….

Even in H. S. the “Letterman jacket” was a Babe magnetic…

Why does the “Bad Boy” image sell so well to women?

So as a MALE person who was raised in a very physically/emtionally abusive home, has been in prison for refusing to stop talking of abusive behavior to his son by the system & mother….

I suspect BOTH SIDES NEED TO RE-EDUCATE themselves on peaceful interactions, and responsible behavior to life.

Otherwise, yes, the male system is way too interested in maintaining it abusive behavior and egotistical control.

Keep plugging away, a crack in the damn will cause it to burst some day…