On dating men with “potential”
Christy White

Well said Christiana White, I am a loner, and so many women have come to me about why they “can’t get this guy they love with great potential” to change. The relationship fails, and the woman goes searching for another Potential great man.

I have also had so many women come up to me and say “oh, you would so much better if you stopped being you and became… as my lover!”

I am me, what I am makes me, Me! My dreams are my dreams and just as any woman who has a chance to be my lover has to her OWN dreams that will work inside my life, my dreams must work inside hers.

I do not want a woman who change to be like what I want.

That, like a cigarette smoker has too much risk of failure. Yes, I smoked cigarettes, so while people may smoke, no woman can be a “close friend/lover” who smokes cigarettes or has any addictions of concern to me.

I am a wandering pro photographer/graphic artist/self-publisher/entrepreneur, I will never settle down. I am addicted to creative behavior. Nothing else.

at 58yrs old, I can not even begin to count the women I have counseled since 9 or 10 yrs. old on this issue.

I hope a few women will listen to your wise words and Yes a few men as well!

Lovingkindness energy to you and your readers.

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