Google and Facebook Can’t Just Make Fake News Disappear
danah boyd

WELL, the 1st problem is that humans don’t want to do the hard work of sorting out “real” from “FAKE”….

Investigative journalist for 42 years for myself, 9 years Photo Editor of 6 newspapers….

Who is to decide what is fake & what is real.

March 22, 2017, London has a terror attack. I get a random post of a video and instantly see way too many issues for a quick “hot story of terrorism”.

The posting of the video shows bad Staging of the event…

56 year photographer, 42 years pro… I chased it and yes the London terror event is “FAKE” news…. Government Endorsement!

There is no BLOOD ON THE KNIFE, not the handle or the blade, or on the ground.

The images of the “ran down People” has objects that could not have been there still standing upright and the other objects strewn on the ground.

No tires tracks where they should be and others where they should not exist!

The car is smashed up in the front end… but the stone &iron fence, HAS NOT IMPACT DAMAGE!!

So fist teach People HOW TO THINK!

Then you don’t have to censor what is shown to them.

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