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While you make a good point, you must remember to do what your business needs to survive,

I do what is best for me. I design my businesses around my life, my dreams.

What do I care about number? If you don’t like it, no problem I have long since moved on.

But I did not create the International Space Station while a pile of data. Any yet if you read my story of the creation of the ISS, you will see that I used data not available on any physical charts. I did it in 3 days. I did it with a single piece of paper, “a single one page letter”.

I have not gotten any fame or money. USA removed my Human Rights 24 years ago so the USA & NASA can neither admit to my story and Facts nor can they deny it. They would have to admit to torturing me 12 years ago, just to keep me from telling the truth about the USA court system. I was a lawyer for 11 years and opps they did not like it because I was always winning.

So if you do what makes you happy, like me you will have a memory that no one can take away. Can anyone else look up into the sky almost anywhere on the planet and say, “I created that star.” And not feel proud, of their satellite?

You will have self-confidence in yourself for trying.

Sure if being money rich is your goal, follow those types of examples.

If you want to be spiritually rich, follow truths.

follow your heart.

Failure is an egotist’s idea of not being with the in crowd.

Mistakes are for learning from, not calling one’s self a failure.

I have shut down businesses I have owned because they bore me. Money is never an answer for me. Simply a tool to use.

I feast on creative energy, my 1st invention at 4 yrs old (1962) was a fad for over 10 yrs. I had to quit that business because parents would not let me spend the monies others were spending. Now 58 yrs. old, I have not stopped creating.

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