Violence Starts in the Mind
Robert Solley

yeah, people want to “BE ALL GOOD.”

Old quote, “An evil person does not understand or see themselves as evil.”

When governments & religions promote hatred of others, “BECAUSE THEY ARE DIFFERENT” then the power of violence has a foot hold.

You are taught to hate, not because you are good. But because those “others” are BAD.

You don’t think about the actions YOU are making, therefore you don’t look at yourself.

Meditation in ancient times was fro examining One’s core being.

Now in the Western World it is for Pleasure Seeking. And those old countries seeing the Social Value of such behavior have changed to promote such behavior.

Psychology is about feeling “good” and aims to give drugs to people so they “feel good” rather than dig into the core of the behavior and thos p[roblems it causes.

I have followed 2 people one for almost 50 years the other for 20+ years.

Both have mental issues, both claim to need help, both refuse to look at their behavior and the pattern of the doctors.

One stopped talking to me when I pointed out the problem of her letting a doctor prescribe drugs and then a few months later just take her off of them.

The Medical Data Safety sheets all state, NEVER JUST STOP TAKING THIS DRUG.

Of course, she is in mental hospitals every few months to a year, for a stay…

I understand…