The distortion of the truth

In recent days, I discovered some interesting articles about my blog on the future of Macedonia. It is clear that on the side of VMRO, there is the intention not to understand what I wrote. The interpretation of my blog by them is shocking. First of all, they have to accept that federalism is completely different from the creation of states in the state, resulting in a separation of parts of it. In my blog, I explained a possible different approach, with a focus on the rights of communities. I also explained in detail some of the advantages of such an approach: It helps to avoid authoritarian systems, which in the case of Macedonia, would be worth considering. But the selective reading by VMRO missed this part of my blog, as it missed the parts where I explained the differences between federalism as a concept and federal states withing a country.

It is easy to claim for VMRO that I am working for SDSM — and according to them this was the reason why I would have been fired. Not true:

  1. I have not been fired as EU mediator, it is just that my contract expired and was not extended, because one party refused to continue engaging in the process in a constructive way. So, the negotiations were at a dead end.
  2. I have never been siding with any party, but always did my utmost to remain neutral and objective.
  3. VMRO refused to continue working with me, as this was the easy way: “If you don’t like the message, kill the messenger” — exactly what they did.
  4. Concerning my relation to SDSM: another VMRO invention. Whatever I write, I write it as Peter Vanhoutte, as the former Mediator, not as a partisan individual. My ideas about federalism are my ideas, not coming from any party in Macedonia. However, I have to admit, that I personally appreciate political ideas from certain parties more than from other parties. Yes, I am a true and honest democrat and will support any party supporting democratic ideas, defending the rights of citizens, defending an independent judiciary, demanding accountability of those in power, defending free media. As a reasonable democrat, this is exactly why I believe both SDSM and the Albanian parties deserve our support, as they try at least to find a way out of the current deadlock, without threatening anyone with violence. That is true democracy@work!
  5. As an honest democrat, I despice those who refuse to be accountable, who in a true authoritarian way try to reinvent the truth, oppress and extort ordinary citizens, try to control the judiciary, oppose free media and distort the truth. Such parties — not to name VMRO-DPMNE — do not represent any of the values we as Eu citizens try to adhere. Such authoritarian parties are the real threat to the future of Macedonia and its citizens. And yes, the day VMRO-DPMNE becomes again a normal open minded democratic party, adhering key values such as transparency and accountability, that day, I will be glad to fully support this party as well.

Peter Vanhoutte