TalentHunch — The First Month

My latest startup, TalentHunch, relaunched in early March 2017. Here’s how it’s going so far.

The good news is that the average number of dismissed job suggestions is still trending down (the blue line). The bad news is that average usage of the app is also trending down (the green line below). This downward trend is also evident in my Google Analytics for March.

Based on the user feedback I’ve received to date, one of the reasons users aren’t returning to the app is because they don’t want “job suggestions that become more relevant over time”, but instead “instant job suggestions”. Overall, users like the Tinder-like interface/concept, but if TalentHunch can’t deliver quick results then they won’t keep using it.

My initial goal with TalentHunch was for a service that learnt more about your job preferences over time and slowly generated better suggestions for you, but after a month of trialling this it’s pretty clear that this isn’t going to work long term.

I’m going to try a few different ideas during April and will post another update in May.

Stats for March 2017

Registration page uniques: 267

New users: 19 (7.12% conversion)
Total users: 47
User skills added: 89

Job suggestions generated: 1,737
Pending job suggestions: 1,238 (generated but not seen yet)

Dismissed jobs: 3,775
Favourited jobs: 84
Liked jobs: 275

Total actions taken: 4,134 (engagements with jobs)