TalentHunch — The First Week

My latest startup, TalentHunch, relaunched one week ago. Here’s how it’s going so far.

The good news: Using the last week’s worth of data I know that the job suggestion algorithm is working. The average number of dismissals per generated suggestions is trending slowly downwards at this stage.

Average percentage of actions taken on generated job suggestions

The bad news: New user acquisition is slow and retention is low. The primary way to get potential users to the site right now seems to be through paid social media advertising, and as you’ll see in the stats below, this is not the most affordable option.

The traffic spikes on the graph below correlate to the relaunch combined with a Show HN post (7th), a Twitter Awareness Ad Campaign (11th), and a Twitter Conversions Ad Campaign (12th).

Stats since relaunching on 7th March 2017

Registration page uniques: 217

New users: 17 (7.83% conversion)
Total users: 45
User skills added: 68

Job suggestions generated: 981
Pending job suggestions: 684 (generated but not seen yet)

Dismissed jobs: 2,313
Favourited jobs: 62
Liked jobs: 139

Total actions taken: 2,514 (engagements with jobs)

Twitter advertising (2 ads)

Advert impressions: 23,468
Advert engagements: 327
User registrations: 1
Total spend: $134.16
Cost Per User Acquisition: $134.16

Facebook advertising (single ad)

Advert impressions: 1,024
Advert engagements: 1
User registrations: 0
Total spend: $4.53
Cost Per User Acquisition: n/a

TalentHunch generates job suggestions that become more relevant to you over time. Try a smarter way to find your next job — Register now.