Sign on window at brewery advising patrons of COVID-19 vaccination requirement.
A sign outside a brewery in my old neighborhood in Seattle, September 2021.

Close-up picture of a dog with black and white fur.

Photo of Greg Abbott, governor of Texas.
Greg Abbott, Republican governor of Texas, is eager to sign a bill further hindering voting rights in his state.

View of snowcapped mountain peaks and blue sky from the top of a mountain.
View from atop Mount Elbert, Colorado’s highest summit at 14,440 feet, June 2021.

Chicago: Not everyone loves it, and frankly, I’m just fine with that.

Photo of Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp.
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp: Republican, voter suppression advocate.

Empire State Building pictured from city streets of New York.
The Empire State Building in New York, pictured from Midtown Manhattan, May 2017.

Screenshot of map of Texas.
Screenshot: Google Maps

United States Capitol pictured at night in black and white.
United States Capitol, November 2018.

Peter Warski

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