Financial Centralization

I had a quick call with GT today to catch up on events. He monitors world financial markets and central banks, I monitor US and Europe politics. Between the two of us we have a much better chance of figuring out what is going on in the world.

GT thinks that in 2016, there was a massive program of centralization that happened without anyone noticing. The central banks have been printing money and buying assets and equities. This has given the central banks in each country a larger share of ownership of the economy and has buoyed the prices of assets, which is great if you’re a larger asset holder. If not, you’ve effectively been hit with inflation. Whether we’ve noticed or not, the global economy is now in fewer hands than ever before. Ever ever before.

This has been happening in tandem with efforts by large governments, including India, to begin a cash ban and a gold ban. This would have the effect of centralizing all the economic transactions to a single electronic network.

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