As a software engineering leader for hire, my assignments require raising velocity and visibility while reducing the risk of missing milestones and budgets. For me, Agile is the substrate, the base on which software is developed.

I also believe in working hard to distil problems down to their simplest form, making them trivial to understand and adopt. When I enter a new situation, I look for the most painful, urgent problems that must be solved. Using Agile principles, I try to synthesize customized, perfectly appropriate solutions that can be adopted with minimum difficulty.

Errant estimation is a problem

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Tape measure as an estimating tool

In my recent work with two companies, I found that estimation was a big problem. At multiple stages of projects, teams made casual and unrealistic estimates. As the work progressed, frequently these estimates proved wrong, breaking both schedules and budgets. …


Peter Winer

Engineering Leader with 25+ years building engineering organizations in Silicon Valley. Now consulting in London as a CTO for early-stage European companies.

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