What a beast it is to try and maintain a blog which requires Wi-Fi.

Talking about being off the grid. I’ve been trying to put up a post for the last four days and the Internet speed is so slow it keeps crashing the program. trying again from Whitehorse in the Yukon territories.

Finally made it back to Alaska. We are in Fairbanks and should be able to get this blog out.

  • Yellowstone to Kalispell and Glacier National Park.

Yet another long day of driving. Karen to Kalispell and rented a car. Had dinner with Carolyn’s Soroptimist friend, Kathy. Next day one off to the highway to the sun. Unfortunately the road was closed about 14 miles in. We did have spectacular views from Lake McDonald. Went on a nice hike.

Got on the road early and made it into Canada to Fairmont Hot Springs resort. A wonderful relaxing afternoon in the 104° hot springs pool.

  • Banff, Lake Louise and ice fields

Left the next morning and drove through Banff. It was in Incredibly crowded as that is the start of the Canadian memorial day week. We decided we were not here for crowds and tourist towns so we pressed on to Lake Louise. Nice little lake with a big hotel and a lot of snow on the ground and the lake still mostly frozen.

On to the gem of the day — the Columbia icefields and the Athabaska Glacier where we walked on glacier and toured on a huge ice trax.