This post is about how Evolutionary Action Learning moves people to #collaborate better towards meaningful results. It is part 1 of 3 articles about #PURPOSE and #WORK.

In the new world of work, not everyone is looking for the same thing. Many people value stability over creativity, rules and structure over freedom and autonomy, monthly earnings more than alignment with purpose. I welcome diversity, and it’s is great to know where you stand. PWC published a study about the future of work in 2018, and included an online quiz to better understand what is important to you. …

A Lesson in Social Change

Diagram of how the Collaboration Incubator works.

Collaboration Incubator: Berlin, October 2018

I recently participated in three-day workshop / conference / think-tank offered by Vanilla Way. The organizing question in the invitation was, “How do we build a global grassroots democracy that enables us to create a future that nurtures us and the planet?” ( I’m usually interested in programs that deepen my commitment as a global citizen, and the weekend also provided an opportunity to build my network in my newly chosen city of Berlin.

I appreciated the intention of the organizers, that the results of the weekend should be an enhancement to the work that…

“Now let us begin.”

I’ve taken these few words from Dr. King’s speech on April 4, 1967, entitled Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence. It was a moment in his life’s work that expanded his commentary on justice and ministry against poverty to the global stage. He called for bold action, clear steps to accelerate peace in Vietnam, as well as “a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society to a people-oriented society.”

“This call for a worldwide fellowship that lifts neighborly concern beyond one’s tribe, race, class, and nation is in reality a call for…

Conscious Leadership is the title I put under my name on my business card.

Workforce Engagement and Well-Being describes my team and organizational work.

When consulting, I hold up a beacon of aspirations, goals and visions so leaders can take important steps in their personal growth and team members can challenge each other to overcome perceived obstacles. People see new perspectives, form new habits, learn to love their own imperfections, and take action despite the fear, judgment or reactivity that may be burning inside. Coaching and organizational development consulting work is essentially change work.

What is on the other side…

In the LEAD WITH PURPOSE series, we’re moving from learning and practicing conscious leadership skills to applying those abilities in real-world projects and collaborations.

Being clear on my purpose gives me the inspiration to contribute. This week I did a review of what I’m putting my energy into. I’ve been working with leaders and writing about organizations evolving in the interest of creating sustainable work cultures. It is an extension of my personal WHY. Recently I’ve been collaborating with a group of entrepreneurs about implementing an organizational design for clients that redefines people management and expands learning and development inside organizations at a scale much larger than I could achieve as a solo consultant. On our team, the shared mission magnetizes collective participation around…

The LEAD WITH PURPOSE program helps successful entrepreneurs and managers build high performance teams. How work gets done makes a difference. Here’s another step in practicing and modeling conscious leadership with your team members.

Clients often struggle to improve team performance because people don’t have the skills to deal with personality quirks, or they continue to tolerate that team member who consistently demoralizes his or her fellow employees.

“The annual cost of job stress to U.S. corporations is $300 billion.”
— Pearson, C.M. & Porath, C.L. (2009). The Cost of Bad Behavior

Nan Cowardin-Lee, PhD presented research she completed for her dissertation and upcoming book on workplace bullying at the March meeting of the Bay Area Organizational Development Network (BAODN). The discussion stood apart from others because we dove into the largely avoided dark…

The LEAD WITH PURPOSE program helps successful entrepreneurs and managers build high performance teams. How work gets done makes a difference. Here’s another step in practicing and modeling conscious leadership with your team members.

As adults we sometimes struggle to present a cordial and supportive outer disposition while an unruly cast of emotional characters battles on the inside. In my last post I covered the power of purpose. Today I begin to unpack emotions as a motivating energy.

Having worked as a professional engineer, I like clarity and precision. But emotions are messy, often irrational and not well understood. Yet it’s our ability to understand and utilize the world of emotions that plays a critical part in our professional success and effectiveness.

Daniel Goleman’s work on emotional intelligence has made a huge contribution to…

How work gets done makes a difference. Both leaders and followers struggle to find a balance between performance and well-being. I invite you to continue down the path of my Lead With Purpose series, designed to help successful entrepreneurs and managers build high performance teams.

What is your story?

At a cocktail party I might talk with a new friend about current events or give my opinion about the candidates in the Presidential primaries. I personally love to geek out and talk about my trip to the auto show or driverless cars. There is nothing wrong with shallow conversation. I don’t always need to be serious and deep. And laughter moves a story along quite nicely.

In the privacy of your own home can you tell your story to yourself?

I’m pointing to stories that reveal something about your life, what you care about, what…

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