The Macmillan and third clinic

Back to Macmillan yesterday for third clinic and meds collection including Avastin/bevacizumab drip. Can you spot it above, it’s very dull, looks like water.

Struggling with WWII. HMS Hood and the Bismarck have just been sunk, 3,600 deaths, overwhelmingly young men. Very sobering.

Spent time talking with OneAndOnlyDaughter and absorbing the atmosphere. I like the Macmillan. It’s a bright open building designed to make our treatments and clinics as pleasant as possible. Lots of positive energy from staff and and volunteers. Since all this started 2 years ago I’ve been about 50 times, I always lifts me no matter how bad I feel on arrival.

Nice scuplture as well. Can’t find my picture so try this (mine is better, honest!)