Art credit Ray Caesar

7 Best Fun Art Blogs You Should Be Following Now

I will just admit it: Sometimes I don’t get art. I’m in a museum and there is a 8x18” rectangle painting hanging on the wall. I say a painting, because someone painted it, not because it looks like a painting in any sense. It’s all red with with five straight vertical lines on it. I have no idea what the hell I’m looking at. But when I read the little sign, I found out it’s about sublime lives and metaphysical encounters. Just when the words “Are you *beep*in’ kidding me?” come to my lips I see my date is looking at the red thing very attentively. So I choke on the unspoken words and give out a “hmmm” instead. That can be also a short summary of my dating life.

Yet I’m a lover of abstract art. I really am! As long as it doesn’t look like it was made by a fifth grader. Modern art is very broad and can encompass a myriad of styles, materials, and techniques. There are so many talented people out there who can reach more people easier because of the internet. There will still be people of art critic circles who will sell a solid white square painting for millions, but at least real geniuses get the recognition they deserve more often. New channels like Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest facilitate this reach. However I’d like to argue that the best way to follow modern art is blogs.

For quite a time I’ve been following art blogs, big and small. There are some really obscure pages where it’s hard to navigate because even the page itself is an abstract piece of art (or so the blogger thinks). Some blogs are dedicated to one style or type of art form. And some blogs focus on exhibitions. Almost all of my favorites fit into, what I call, ‘fun’ category. That is mixed art form and style blogs with more mainstream works. Their approach can be different but they all offer a daily dose of art that neither overwhelms nor disappoints. Here is my top list:


What can I say? I love Peter Nidzgorski’s crazy, funny, sexy art compilation blog. He brings us the best of art daily in light, munchable bits. I never missed any updates in last 6 years, but the blog goes back more than ten years. He also has another blog called where he combines a photo with a song in the most delightful way. thisisnthappiness credits every artist and blog page with a link, so you can discover much more along the way.


Hands down the largest daily art blog online, Colossal gets updated very frequently and contains incredible amount of information. It’s a popular reference point for most other blog pages. It has art, design, photography, illustration, and craft categories if you prefer to be more specific (Colossal can have overwhelming amount of updates some days). They also have a online shop where you can purchase some of the listed art works.


Fubiz used to be much more simple and fun to navigate. Although their not-so-new-anymore new design made it a bit more complex for no reason, I still find rare updates here that can’t be find anywhere else. Fubiz Media is originally a French blog, but they managed to make the English page seamless over the years.


Decapitate Animals is definitely the most interesting art blog I follow. There are posts numbered and titled, with one main image inside a headless deer silhouette. When you enter the post, you start scrolling down seemingly unrelated images. Every set of images are so captivating you can’t stop until you come to the end of the page where credits are listed. And of course, images are related somehow, but the link between them can be fascinating by itself.


This blog is very specific: It’s all about street art. But it’s very frequently updated and very comprehensive so it’s definitely a must follow blog! Besides up to date info from around the world about street art, they have retrospective articles and news about artists’ works in other forms, such as exhibitions or merchandise.


My Modern Met is a lighter blog with many different subjects also posted beside art and design. It has a beautiful and easy to navigate format, which makes it a favorite read for short breaks. Also, who doesn’t like some inspiring stories in between their daily art intakes?


Alright, it’s not a blog page, I know. However Adobe’s Behance is one of the best places to find undiscovered art and design. Behance is a portfolio site where creatives around the world show off their work. Some of the posts are very specific, like industrial design or typography. Luckily you can always filter the posts by creative field if you are interested something specific, like kick-ass illustrations or photography. Ok, there is no kick-ass filter, but you got the point.