More Agile, More Problems
steven hoober

Process vs Methodology

Attending similar training sessions and listening to agile coaches always made me think. Why is this all served as single package? Engineering methodology (philosophy) mixed with project management techniques served as “Agile”. On top of that few Steve Jobs Apple slides when it comes to design.

But this is completely missing design craft — user goals, prototyping, validation, user testing.

I am still surprised how many engineers, designers and PO’s have very little understanding of the craft. To many people, agile is vague statements, code iterations and project management rituals. Even that everybody hates trainings, raising the knowledge bar is the only way how ti improve. It is very hard to improve on something that people have very little understanding of. Lot of people talk about improving the process, but then you end up in meetings where few people actually understands what they are about to improve.

Agile Design

What I am trying to do with UX design within agile environment is to plug into existing process and improve from inside. I do not believe in designing upfront — I saw and builded on my own too many parallel reality products.

At the end of the day products are build by connected people. Not in meaning of sympathy or level of fun they have, but their individual skills and qualifications. And when right skilled people meets at right time around right problem, they just make it happen with or without agile.

I have story to share where we exactly followed existing "agile” formal process (whatever that means :) yet designed and builded brand new product in very different way than before.