Great articles.
Iris Green

Thank you for your reply. It is indeed much deeper issue and the article represents my own authentic experience from a particular On-premise -> SaaS migration efforts ;)

The challenge around customization is present for any enterprise software, and I was addressing it with user profiles or roles. In ideal world, the product is personalized to the user needs as he is logged in and authenticated, and the feature set is customized to his role (Admin, Requestor, Reviewer etc.). This is again very challenging, because is assumes that the designer has all the research data about different user archetypes.

There is one warning to avoid though. The roles are often implemented based on he “jobs” or tasks that the users are formally assigned to on the paper. But in reality, this often does not reflect their actual needs and goals, and the only way to get the data is to gather it through extensive user research. Too often, people are doing different things that the organization thinks they are doing.