Domino’s, Anyone?

Man, did winter come quick! As I write this, it’s 37 degrees outside, and for the past 48 hours it’s been super windy in these parts. Friends and family not too far away have experienced their first snow of the season, and while there was a slight dusting on my car when I went out to my first client this morning, it’s not real until it sticks on the ground in my mind :-)

Anyway, I’d mentioned at the end of last week that I’m going to be delivering a video to you about what you should eat and what you should minimize come this Thursday’s Thanksgiving festivities. Filming will occur tomorrow, and you should expect an email from me containing that video then.

What I’d like to talk about today is the MINDSET many people have going into the weekend, into a holiday, etc., and how we can adjust that mindset to allow an indulgence, but to stop it as just that: An indulgence.

I get it, a lot of things are probably going through your head when the weekend, a holiday or a special occasion comes up. You got through the work week, so it’s time to drink and party!

Or perhaps you have a wedding to attend that doesn’t offer the healthiest fare, so you say, ‘Screw it!,’ throw in the towel and dig in.

Or, you know, it’s football Sunday, and what’s football without wings and beer?

I get it! I’ve been a part of all of these situations, and have buckled more than once in each of those circumstances.

That being said, when we’re on a journey to not only better our weight, but to better our health, it’s important to keep things in perspective. Neither you or I is perfect, and as a result, we’re going to occasionally cave into that slice of pizza, pie, etc.

It’s what you do AFTER that that determines whether you’ve truly fallen off the wagon, or if it was just a momentary lapse…

When I was at my heaviest, I was a CT Fletcher kind of guy…

If you don’t know who that is, look him up on YouTube.

I wanted to pound the pavement when I walked. I liked lifting heavy, and I liked eating as much food as possible every chance I got. It wasn’t even due to my voracious appetite — It was taking the mantra, ‘Go big or go home’ to a whole other level.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened: I got big. 285 lbs to be exact. Exhibit A:

My only saving grace at that time was that I was incredibly active. But that didn’t prevent me from gaining the weight — It just helped me maintain some semblance of muscularity while chowing down on some of the nastiest foods imaginable.

Now, we’re all going to be tempted in the coming month. Thanksgiving, Channukah, Christmas, New Years… The list is seemingly endless!

We’re going to be part of holiday parties at work, at home and at friends’ and family’s homes.

And yes, we’re all going to cave and have that cookie, or that pie, or whatever at some point. Don’t think I’m a saint, because while I’m stricter than most, I, too, like to live a little.

The goal is that you MINIMIZE THE DAMAGE when the bad choices come into play! Don’t go off the wagon entirely!

Now, I know some people can’t even tempt fate, and must stay away from those foods. When it comes to sugar, I’m one of those people, and thus I’ll avoid those types of foods.

But is it the end of the world if you have a piece of stuffing at Thanksgiving? No. The whole tray? Then Houston, we have a problem…

And what happens when we ‘cheat?’ Simple: Make your next decision better!

It may be that same day, or may be the following day, but stop the damage where it’s occurred. Don’t let one cookie become two, then ice cream a lo mode, and then all the bread at the table.

You may not be into sports, but what do you think makes a great team great? Going undefeated in any professional sport rarely (if ever) happens. Heck, only one American team has EVER accomplished that feat!

What makes the great teams great is their ability to shrug off a loss, and kick ass the next day! To truly, PERMANENTLY lose weight, you need to have this same mindset.

That Miami Dolphins team I referenced above was perfect for one season! I believe it was 16 games in length. You have a LIFETIME ahead of you. Not every day is going to be a win. But, if you hunker down, shake off the bad choices and immediately get back to your winning ways, you can NOT fail!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


Coach Pete

Founder and Permanent Weight Loss Expert at Weight Loss by Pete

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