How I Lost 100 Lbs. Eating Bacon

It’s a warm but rainy Sunday here in Levittown, NY, and Coach Evan and I just got done wrapping up our FIRST ever Weight Loss by Pete Podcast episode!

We’ve done Fitness Retriever Podcast episodes in the past, but with the company name change and all the stuff we’ve had going on, this was a really big deal :-)

On today’s episode, we discussed The Bacon Plan, my new nutritional plan that reviews how I’ve lost 100 lbs. eating a primarily high-fat, moderate-protein and low-carb diet.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about this type of diet, so I created this plan to EDUCATE folks looking to lose weight and get healthy about WHY this method of eating isn’t only effective for weight loss, but is a HEALTHY and SUSTAINABLE method of eating.

ALL of my clients who have followed this method of eating have seen OUTSTANDING results — Not just in their waistlines, but in their energy, their moods and their overall health.

As a member of my community, I’d love to gift you the Cliff’s Notes version absolutely FREE!

All you have to do is EMAIL ME at ‘pete (at)’ with the words ‘MMM BACON,’ and I’ll send your FREE copy over right away.

There’s a longer version of the Bacon Plan, as well, but we’ll be charging for that, and I want you to get a head start on your health and weight loss goals ;-)

Enjoy the rest of your evening!

- Coach Pete

P.S. To check out our latest podcast episode, you can check it out in the following three places…


SoundCloud: Weight Loss by Pete Podcast Episode 1: The Bacon Plan

YouTube: Weight Loss by Pete Podcast Episode 1: The Bacon Plan

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