The BEST Method of Portion Control

Looks like fall is back here in Levittown, NY! After a 75 degree day yesterday, the rains came overnight, and the temperature’s back in the 40s and 50s.

I’ll be honest — There are days where it’s tough to figure out what I’m going to write to you! Fortunately, I got today’s inspiration from a client…

You see, over the past week we’ve harked a lot lately on how a lipolytic diet is a healthy and sustainable method of eating for PERMANENT weight loss and optimal health. However, we haven’t really discussed HOW MUCH food you should be eating on any given day.

Her question was along these same lines. See below…​​

My message to you on the subject: EXACTLY THE SAME as it was to her!

It’s been ingrained in us to eat three squares a day, plus two-to-three snacks in between. We fear that if we don’t eat every few hours, we’ll slow down our metabolisms, and that we may be starving ourselves.


Our bodies are NOT designed to eat every few hours. In fact, the ONLY reason we feel the need to do so is because our diets are carb-saturated!

Carbs are a great INSTANT energy source, but their luster wears off after an hour or two, which results in a crash, resulting in fat storage, lack of energy and hunger. Before the advent of coffee and other caffeinated beverages, our ancestors turned to FOOD as their means for energy regulation.

On that ancestral note, let’s also think about the frequency with which our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate:

They had to bare the elements, and either hunt or gather all day in order to feast on what they could come up with at night.

They’d often go nearly 24 hours before eating again! And granted, between natural predators and a lack of medication, they didn’t have long lifespans. However, in autopsies performed on mummified remains from hundreds, if not thousands of years ago, one thing has been certain: Many of our ancestors were MUCH healthier then than we are today!

People may be living longer today than they did even 50 years ago, but quality of life is definitely a cause for concern. We have a pill for everything now, and come our senior years, we may feel that we need to be on a cocktail of medications just to function!

Our society has gotten so far removed from our natural state of being that mental disorders like anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder are more common than ever. Some ‘experts’ think it’s simply due to the vastly bigger human population, while others believe it’s due to this lack of self so many of us experience in our sedentary, over-medicated society.

Getting back, we don’t need to count calories or consciously watch our portions in order to lose weight. Instead, we need to reacquire the mind-body connection that we’re born with, but ultimately lose, as we grow older in this society.

Our brains are our most important muscle. Not only does it help us with decision-making and cognition, but also in helping us to give our bodies what they need. When we need to regulate our energy levels, or need a specific type of food, our brains are able to provide us with this information best suited for that situation. We just have to LISTEN to it!

I challenge you to begin to re-develop this mind-body connection, and ONLY eat when you’re hungry. Aim to SATISFY your hunger — NOT to stuff your face. If you do this, you’ll be providing your body with the best form of portion control you can.

LEAVE ME A COMMENT if you intend to accept the challenge this week!

- Coach Pete

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You’ve got this!

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