What Happened When A Trump Supporter Challenged Me About the Wall
Vicky Alvear Shecter

No pun intended when I say; I’ve never been on the fence about building a wall. G.W. Bush got elected largely in part to a commercial by then-candidate John Kerry where he said he supported something before he didn’t. Bill Clinton supported a wall, Hillary Clinton supported a wall, Senator and President Obama supported a wall. Now that Trump is trying to build one it is suddenly ridiculous. If you are sick you isolate yourself and you also want to distance yourself from that which made you sick. Walls work for this and not all of them are solid. Building the large wall will slow the flow and adding technology over time can get things under control. We already are legaly admitting one-million imagrants per year and yet we have over ten million here that aren’t supposed to be. This cost us a great deal more than the cost of a wall. Some estimates of the cost of the illegal aliens is over one-hundred-fifty-billion.

My father came to this country the legal way and had to take a test that a large percentage of natural born US citizens couldn’t pass. It is actually a high complement that so many people are trying to get in here. When I travel abroad I’ve been asked on more than one ocasion to pack someone in my carryon. Having open borders is one of the most foolish things I’ve ever heard of. This would undoubtedly have many third world countries empty their prisions and it woudn’t be long before we have more people than we can possibly feed.

I agree that five-billion will not cover the price of the wall but it will put a number of panels in place. The cost in human trafficing and drugs coming across the border is enough that something needs to be done to stem the flow. If the border is a cold then the wall is just the first pill in the treatment.