We need truly public hosting
Dave Winer ☮

It’s as much a systems problem as it is one that ties to Education/Academic institutions and Tech industry (though both are certainly important to include).

I think you’re right that an exit strategy mindset is not the right mindset to have for wicked problems like this.

Tim O’Reilly’s Architecture of Participation is a step on the right direction. It will take collaborative models that neither Big Business nor Big Government are able to drive and support.

We need a third way to rethink how we fundamentally connect, share, and create together — to increase agency of people (by, with, and for them) and help them better see, understand, and define the systems they are within (and redefine what happens within and across them).

This response is getting a bit long winded, so let me share these points of view / calls to action as elements that begin to address the needs for public housing (as a population health and quality of life need):



Happy to to connect offline — I sense an shared, intense desire to create new models for collaboration and experimentation for problems like this. I’m starting to form the working of such in two cities now. And I think we’ll both need all the help, from the right people and for the right reasons, we can get.


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