It’s National School Choice Week: Time to Push Bold Solutions for Parents and Students
Marco Rubio

I don’t believe that just because two humans have passed on their genetic information that this means they are best equipped to know what their child needs to know or how best to instill this knowledge. Parents would certainly know what they would like their children to learn, but this desire may be based on teachings a generation out of date.

Professional educators working with legislators and parents are the best people to understand what is needed and how it can best be taught based on a concensus view with a separation between church and state in the public schools system.

The US and British education systems have both suffered in relation to educational institutions in places like Switzerland, Finland and Singapore and their systems need to be studied and adapted, but it seems that time is being wasted in US schools on religiously dogmatic and anti-scientific ideas that can only hope to keep the US education system in a state of retardation.