The Future of the Web

Pete Smart
May 20, 2016 · 2 min read

And how to prepare for it today

Below you’re going to find 300+ inspirational links

As an agency leader, speaker and experience designer, most of my waking hours are spent trying to discover and define what is next for the web. The internet is under 9000 days old. Yet, in that short period of time we’ve seen innovations that have changed the course of human history. What do the next 9000 days have in store?

Over the last two years I have travelled the world sharing all of this research in the form of a speaking series: ‘The Future of the Web: and how to prepare for it today’.

Instead of limiting this collection of inspiration to my talks, I wanted to find a way to share everything I’m discovering with everybody else.

So, here you go. Please enjoy! Feel free to comment, discuss, share, add to all that is below. As I keep discovering new pieces of inspiration, I’ll be adding them here and to new articles.

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Let’s go!

The speaking series is currently split into 4 areas:

1. Emotional
2. Haptic (coming soon)
3. Adaptive (coming soon)
4. Invisible (coming soon)

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