Dog Dental Care — Why is it so Important?

For many people, man’s best friend is more than a pet — their dog is a member of the family. Like all other members of the family, your dog’s health needs constant monitoring. Though many pet owners may believe that yearly checkups and routine shots are enough to keep the animal healthy, there’s one area of their health that may fall by the wayside — oral hygiene.

The Importance of Dog Dental Care

Dog mouths are very similar to human mouths: their gums and teeth both require constant maintenance to stay healthy. Unlike humans, dogs use their mouths for a variety of activities like eating, playing and defending themselves. Because this part of their body can be regularly exposed to trauma, bacteria and other potentially harmful incidents, their mouths require specialized attention.

Oral problems in canines can become serious depending on the dog’s activity level and lifestyle. Some warning signs of advanced dental problems include:

  • Bloody or ropey saliva
  • Bumps or lumps on the gums
  • Bad breath
  • Loose, broken or chipped teeth
  • Red or bloody gums
  • Blood found on their chew toys or food dishes
  • An aversion to being touched near the mouth
  • Noticeable or vocal discomfort when they yawn, eat or play

Depending on the severity of the issue, dog dental surgery may be required.

Dog Dental Surgery Rio Rancho

It’s critical that you build a relationship with your local animal hospital. While we hope that your family never has to face a pet emergency, if your furry friend is ever in need of serious oral surgery they will likely require immediate veterinary intervention. When these issues arise, bring your canine to Coronado Pet Hospital. Our clinic provides reliable dog dental surgery that Rio Rancho pet owners have trusted for years. Our team of veterinarians has the knowledge, experience, and resources to successfully treat and manage all of your dog’s oral health problems.

Don’t wait to provide your pet with the help they need. If your dog needs dental surgery, let the veterinary experts at AAHA-accredited Coronado Pet Hospital provide your animal with swift and effective treatment.

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