The Benefits of Preschool Last a Lifetime

Saying goodbye to a toddler, 3- or 4-year-old before those regular school bells must ring is never easy for a parent. Making the decision to do so by enrolling a young child in a reputable Granada Hills preschool, however, can have tremendous benefits in the immediate future and years down the road. There are multiple studies that show that preschool lays the foundation for success throughout life.

Northridge preschools that are structured but age-appropriate can help youngsters flourish while encouraging their natural curiosity and desire to learn. The benefits of looking into preschools Northridge moms and dads are likely to find include:

  • Enhanced academic achievements — Multiple studies have shown that preschool enrollment can lead to overall achievements academically. Preschools, Northridge parents will find, can also decrease the likelihood of failed grades and the need for remedial education. What’s more, graduation rates tend to be higher among kids who attend preschool. Early education simply helps children by providing a solid foundation that can be built upon throughout each following year of study.
  • School readiness — When a day care center Northridge provider delivers preschool classes that are structured but kid-friendly, school readiness goes along with the prospect. This can help both parents and children better prepare for kindergarten and beyond. From learning basic classroom rules to how to get along with others, the rudimentary lessons learned in preschool prepare youngsters to excel.
  • Emotional and social development — The only way to gain valuable interpersonal skills is for children to interact regularly with other people. A child care center Northridge program can provide the perfect environment for building these skills while paving the way for children to meet new friends and enjoy new experiences on a regular basis. Children are also likely to learn basic problem-solving and critical-thinking skills when placed in a preschool setting. These skills can benefit them greatly throughout life.

Sending a child off to preschool can be hard for moms and dads who want to keep their kids little just a little bit longer. Looking into reputable Granada Hills preschool programs, however, can pave the way for long-term success. Considering that a little one’s brain grows to about 90 percent of its adult size by age 5, early educational experiences are simply critical for setting kids on a positive path.

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