I’m Back From Afghanistan!

As you may or may not know, I have been in Kabul for the past nine months, reporting for the Voice of the Valley, Sun Valley High School’s student newspaper.

Ah boy, Afghanistan. You would not believe the things going on over there, well, I guess you would if you have read the news even once in the past fifteen years. It is like a warzone over there, but not really, because the war did end in 2014. Right now, I would say we are just dealing with a little bit of rockiness before Afghanistan gets its peace and goodness set up by the United States exit. There are explosions all the time, and democracy is not really winning people over, and there are still American forces over there, but the war is over and things are sweet. Things are actually going so well over there, that I had little bad news to report back to my publisher. As I mentioned before, I write for the Voice of the Valley, one of Delaware County’s highest rated student newspapers.

A lot of people thought it was ridiculous that the Voice of the Valley, a high school newspaper expected to cover nothing more than varsity sports and chorus concerts, sent a 17-year old journalist with no knowledge of journalism to report the war in Afghanistan. People thought it was ridiculous, dangerous, and stupid expensive. To those who said it was expensive,yes it was. By cutting some of the school’s art classes, though, we found enough money for round trip tickets, a crap-ton of notepads, and a little hat with a piece of paper sticking off the side of it that says “PRESS”. To those who say it was dangerous, I also agree. I was captured by terrorists four times, but each time I was released through a Bowe Bergdahl-style deal.The U.S. military warned me that if I was caught a fifth time, they would have no more prisoners to exchange for me. And finally, to those who say it was ridiculous, I say “That’s journalism, bozo!” I believe the students of Sun Valley High have a right to know what is going on over in Afghanistan.

Now that I am back from Afghanistan, what will I do? Well, to be honest, I think I will continue writing. Some of my war reports for the Voice of the Valley were successful, such as “Spring Break: Kabul” and “Sand Sandwiches”. I am going to keep writing, but rather than reporting, I am going to do opinion pieces so I can just ramble on about stuff with little fact-checking. Get ready for some long-winded writings about politics and economics and other junk of that nature. Also, I would like to announce that I will no longer be writing for the Voice of the Valley, due to some disagreements with the editor-in-chief, who was also my English teacher. All my writing will now be done here, on Medium, until I get a position at The Temple News, one of Philadelphia’s highest rated college student newspapers. Temple News should hire me when I pitch my idea to go to North Korea and report on whatever the heck is going on over there.

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