This is hateful and mean, but I doubt you care how a man feels about it.

Traubster the fact that you are so offended by this poem that you needed to comment only makes you appear as if you’re defending the trash that perpetrate such atrocities. Whether this is true or not, and I’m not saying it is, such an unqualified response does not say much for you’re debating skills. Such hasty, whiny one sentence responses do nothing to foster meaningful discourse, and lower the standards (and lately I question what those standards truly are) of writing on I’m a heterosexual man guilty of the same conditioned/instinctual reflex (can/should this be called an instinctual reflex or is always a voluntary response? I’m not sure…ladies any thoughts?)to objectify women even in spite of myself. I say this because I identify as a feminist as well as a humanist. But I’m often suspicious of men standing in solidarity with women without owning their duality. I believe the goal should be for each of us first to recognize our shortcomings as men and then be proactive in breaking the cycle of misogyny and violence against women. Because really Traubster, for the life me I could not understand how calling this poem “Men” was inappropriate. One could say a lot about the pros and cons of the title. Calling it a generalization says nothing. One of the subjects of the poem is indeed “men”. I could write a poem about how on several occasions I got sick from eating chocolate and call it “Chocolate”. Would you call that a generalization? A title such as “Chocolate Makes Everyone Sick Always” for the same poem is a generalization. (I call dibs on that title by the way.) Seriously though, although not a very good analogy I think you might see my point. I think you might be taken more seriously, Traubster, by simply posting a more thoughtful, intelligent response…