To take some summer inspiration, I have decided to check the podman family on my Ubuntu 16.04 machine. Moreover, it was not that easy as it first looked.

Fail fast

The podman family (the other siblings are buildah and skopeo) has its repo and install guide at However, trying that on my ageing Ubuntu 16.04 distro was nothing you might like to exercise. In a few words, an attempt to install the packages led to the failure of other packages. The ultimate final step was to remove all that which fortunately fixed the world.

Yes, my computer is my pet, and…

The recent meetup held at MSD on Monday 2019/04/15 brought elementary insight into the ansible as an operator and in particular ansible K8s module.

The story has begun with reference requirement to deploy NextCloud which is a rebirth of NAS software for Linux.

The first step was apply Ansible role nextcloud to an existing server. The server could be acquired in the cloud at AWS, DigitalOcean or at own premises via virsh, Vagrant/virsh, MaaS, Openstack whichever applies to your setup.

Big Fat Warning: Software downloaded from internet might contain bugs, features, malware, ransomware and other goodies of today. Do not…

[2019/03/21] This time we have come together to talk about containers or their images managed by ansible. We have spoken about buildah and podman in concert with above mentioned system management tool.

Initial rehearsal

Actually before you begin you are expected to be familiar with some buzz-words. Let us try to associate their meaning with the context throughout the session.


Our old friend thus not need for further details and


Podman is a fully-featured container engine. It provides a Docker-compatible command line to ease the transition from other container engines. Most Podman commands can be run as a regular user…

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