Everyone hates spoilers

– Okay, you have to get out of your own head. You really are the only one who can do that.

My girlfriend told me this the other day when I seemed to find no end to my ballade of suspicion.
Okay, it wasn’t really my girlfriend — just this character on a TV show I’ve been watching lately.

What can a modern girl do? Listen to the wise screenwriters of Hollywood. There’s never a doubt there.

So I promised to let go of my ballade that pre-painted a dark world ahead of its time.
You know the kind: where you’re sure that things will turn out badly.
You fall down on a ladder (literal or corporate), loose something (like a debate on the important matter of which was the greatest TV show of the 90’s) or the contrary, you manage to get something you never wanted (I leave this one to you, Reader).

The day when you really decide to dislike everyone because they are all part of a conspiracy — which they don’t know about but you do.(Oh, how many compliments, good ideas or just pure nice words have we lost because we “just thought” that…)
And the worst of all, punishment of the punishments: when even coffee tastes bad.

Obviously, there’s is a logical reason for all that I mentioned — like seeing too much into a situation or just the death dance of a coffee maker that you just missed — but my screenwriter decided to leave me in this pit a little longer. Because before winning the game and reaching “happy end”, you must get in that pit, so that you can really appreciate the outcome.

– What pit really? And what game to win? You have to stop looking at your 20’s as a race. You’ll go nuts.

Now, this is something that no one said, ever.
And no one will ever say.
Not even a TV show character.
It makes sense, actually: everyone hates spoilers.

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