Arranging for an animal quarantine Singapore- What you need to know

The law requires that all pets arriving to Singapore from USA must stay in a quarantine for 10 days. In many cases, pet owners are skeptical about leaving their pets in a quarantine. However, these places are usually safe with friendly a professional staff who will take good care of your pet.

If you are planning to travel with your pet, making reservations early enough is important. You will need to look for a reliable animal quarantine Singapore and fulfill all the other regulations that apply to pet imports.

Understand the laws that apply

Singapore has very strict rules on pet travel so you need to do some basic research and understand what is required of you. In most cases, you will have to take your pet for some necessary vaccinations and tests. You may also be required to obtain a veterinary certificate before you are allowed to travel with your pet. These rules vary depending on where you are travelling from so it is very important to speak to an expert who will advise you on the steps to take to make travelling with your pet hassle-free.

Check on the cost and space availability

If you will be travelling with your pet especially during the peak season, then making early arrangements for the quarantine is important. Quarantine and transport arrangements should begin at least 3 months before the day of travel. Most of the time the animal quarantine Singapore may not have spaces during busy summer months because many travelers go to Singapore with their pets.

As for the costs, what you pay will depend on the size of the space and the size of your pet. Make sure you get updated price lists so that you have a good idea of how much you will pay. Most prices quoted are exclusive of VAT so make sure you confirm this prior to writing a check.

Prepare your pet for travel

The process of travelling with your pet can be overwhelming or exciting depending on how well you prepare. First of all, you need to make sure the transportation option you choose is pet friendly. There are a good number of pet friendly airlines that will make the travel experience comfortable for you and your pet. If you will be taking your pet to a cat quarantine in Singapore then it is important to have a visual picture of the way the place looks by doing a bit of research online.

Quarantine facilities are quite nice

You are usually allowed to visit your pet at the facility as soon as you arrive. All quarantine facilities are approved by the government and are required to uphold a certain standard of quality which is why you should be comfortable leaving your pet. Most of those facilities have spacious kennels with A/C and they are kept cry clean throughout. The staff at the facility are trained on how to handle different pets and they quickly form bonds with the pets they meet at the quarantine.

The best way to make travelling with your pet a great experience is to ensure that you follow all rules and regulations put in place for animal importation in Singapore. Animal travel can be the easiest process for any pet owner. Whether you want to transport cats, dogs or birds to Singapore, there’s a lot of research that you’ll need to do to understand the entire process. We suggest you start planning your travel as soon as possible and work with a specialist who will advise on what to do and answer your areas of concern regarding pet transportation.