Are Artificial Dyes and Flavors Confusing Your Dog Food Choices?

(Beware of these cancer causing additives in dog food)

Are you confused about weird sounding names that you see in most of the supermarket dog food? According to Sabine Contreras who is an expert in Animal Nutrition, Care, Physiology, Diseases and Parasitology, many dog foods are made with artificial dyes and flavors.

Chances are your dog has eaten more than his fair share of them.

They make the food look healthy and tasty to pet owners who assume that they are giving the best nutrition to their dogs. It is exactly the opposite!

Here are just a few of the flavors you should be concerned about…

Here are the artificial flavors to look for on the dog food labels:

  1. natural and artificial flavors
    Poor quality of flavor additive, artificial flavors can be carcinogenic.
  2. natural and artificial chicken flavor
    Artificial flavors can cause severe illness, become carcinogenic.
  3. brewers yeast
    Waste product (used for flavoring, protein, B-vitamins) which can become very toxic to the liver causes allergies and arthritis.
  4. bacon flavors
    If it does not say “natural” it’s probably artificial and can be a carcinogen.
    smoke flavor can potentially become carcinogenic plus it retards bacteria on rancid meat.Secondly, here are the most toxic artificial dyes that make dog food look healthier and more nutritious to YOU:
  5. yellow 5-Artificial color, a salicylate which can be become deadly to cats with extended use.
  6. yellow 6 -Artificial color, potentially carcinogenic food colorant.
  7. blue 2 -Carcinogenic, artificial color.
  8. titanium dioxide -Potentially carcinogenic artificial color used as white pigment.
  9. caramel color -Sugar-based or can be prepared by ammonia process associated with blood toxicity in lab rats.
  10. caramel -Sugar-based adds to hyperactivity, or can be prepared by ammonia process associated with blood toxicity in lab rats.

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