NSA Leak Answers No Questions About Russia, Asks Many About Election Integrity
Caitlin Johnstone


I read the original NSA report. Evidently the NSA and FBI have spent half a year combing trough all communications related to the elections, hoping to find something suspicious that they could blame on “Russia”. The report is total bullshit!

1) No proof the attack ever came from across US borders. If it did, the NSA should have known about it last year instead of this April.

2) The attack is script kiddie stuff. Phissing! No zero-day exploits, like the CIA and NSA use.

3) Attributing the attack to GRU is bullshit. GRU is military intelligence. It is not involved in espionage or foreign operations. (There are other Russian agencies for this.)

4) Russians phish, but they have not shown that this attack has any similarities to any other operation. Did any other attack use the same MS Word scripts?

5) No proven link to elections. Some American cyber crime group could simply have piggybacked on the elections, knowing that someone would likely open and read the instruction manuals.

6) American Samoa! :) Someone simply sent requests for absentee ballots to a nonexistent email address. It is not unheard of for people to type in a wrong email address, or simply guess the address (like “abuse@NSA.gov” or “webmaster@CIA.gov”). Did they ever try to contact the person who sent the “test” emails.


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