How To Write More Words Per minute Without Having To Sacrifice 8 hours a day, Even If You Don't Think Your A Good Writer

Did you know that the Fastest Talker in the world can speak 655 words per minute while the Fastest Typer can only produce 216 words per minute?

Currently the Guinness book record holder for fastest talker is held by Sean Shannon (and no his not a rapper) while the Fast test typer is held by Stella Pajunas-Garnand.

Of course , it shouldn’t be a surprise that most of us speak faster than we type.

I mean ….since you were a baby you learned how to talk first before you could even touch the keyboard . Although this might be different nowadays as new generation babies are introduced to Ipad’s so early on.

However this is still important to note because when it comes to writing people think you need to sit at desk and write for hours and hours on end.

As much as this might be true for some of us , it is not the only way to go about writing, lets say for your book .

What most people don’t know is you can also accomplish your writing goals through speaking. I’m not talking about creating an Audiobook but actually having a written book through speaking your story.


It’s done through transcription. This is where you can record yourself on any audio and video software and then have someone else type it for you into MS Word.

This is especially ideal if you are more comfortable sharing stories through videos then writing. But even though this can benefit anyone really because you can create more content with less of the time.

Imagine walking outside in the sunshine or driving your car and just recording your thoughts, stories on your smart phone. It will change your whole perspective in how you commute to work (or anywhere in that matter).

Dare I say… might even look forward to traffic jams, as it can give you the opportunity to write (or speak) your book while you have peace by yourself :)

All you do then is send the audio or video to a transcriber who can write it out for you for cheap. Saves time!

Which brings me to my next question, ‘how do you find a transcriber ?’

I was hoping you asked.

Below is a quick summary of 3 transcription services that I recommend to clients (and that I’ve also used all the service myself)

3 Types of transcription service


This is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) service where it can transcribe audio or video within a few mins. The Quality is good (90% accurate). The unique attribute they have is you can upload your recordings through different audio formats including a video link ,online storage like Dropbox, googledrive, or Onedrive or file from your computer .


It’s also AI transcription service too, where they can transcribe audio in a few mins. Its good quality but you can only upload your audio file as Mp4 type from your computer (no video links are allowed or uploading from an online cloud storage site). The unique value they offer is that they have an editing feature (called temi editor) where you can edit your transcribed file on their site before receiving the final version.


This is a human transcription service. It can take upto 1 to 12 hours for Rev to transcribe your audio/video (depending on the audio length). Quality is very good, 99% accurate because it’s a human transcriber who can better pickup accents, speech patterns and so much more then an AI could. A unique offering they have is they can translate your transcribed audio into different languages (which is pretty cool).

What is the price for using these services?

· — Charges $15 per hour , or a range $40-$120 per month (depending on the usage needed)

· — Charges 10 cents per minute with audio/video.

· — Charges $1 per minute on audio/video. If you need translation services for your transcribed file, then it will cost $3- $7 per minute.

There is a Free Trial option if you like where can transcribe your first audio or video for free (regardless of audio length.) .Temi’s Free Trial option will allow transcribing upto 30 mins audio/video free). has no free trial offerings at the moment.

Note: Another option I have used in the past is .This is basically a marketplace of transcribers that you can pick from. The price and quality will vary amongst different transcribers.

But then again why pay someone when you can just do it yourself in a few mins:)

To Conclude…..

No longer do you need to sit in front of your computer for hours and for hours to get your writing done.

No longer can you now use the excuse ‘I don’t have enough time’ to write because now you can record your story at any moment on your phone.

Matter of fact, you could even download the transcription service apps onto your phone and just speak to it straight (thereby you save time from uploading an audio file from somewhere else).

So next time, while working on your book, ebook, email, sales copy, etc. why not try record and transcribe it. If you’ve already created videos or FB lives on in the past then you can transcibe those too.

There’s popular saying where you should ‘speak less and do more’. Well, I’m going to flip it and say you should ‘speak more and write less’ :)

What other ways have you found to write fast for your business? Please share, comment below

Petros Eshetu is the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book, The Introvert Immigrants Journey and a book writing coach for transformational leaders

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