Problems Caused by Incorrect Grammar

Kate Petrova
Mar 11, 2017 · 4 min read


In this article, you will learn about incorrect grammar and communication issues, including the problem that comes with these grammatical issues. Also, you will learn about common grammar mistakes and how you can improve your grammar skills and how to identify and use the best grammar checker.


Grammar refers to language structuring system. Just like other languages, English has its own grammar guidelines. It’s all about the conventions that determine and guide how we write and speak. Grammar includes things such as spelling, words inflection for different purposes, and the arrangement of words in order to form sentences.

However, you should bear in mind that languages change constantly. Also, you should always remember that communication requires proper grammar. The good news is, you can find wide range of resources to help you improve your grammar. Best online grammar check will help you ensure that your written grammar is of the best quality.

So, What are the Problems Caused by Incorrect Grammar?

#1: Unclear Communication

Perhaps, the biggest problem that arises from wrong grammar is unclear or poor communication. Information can be misinterpreted in written or oral communication due to incorrect grammar.

Here’s an example of pronoun errors in a sentence;

  • Incorrect: Everybody should say their prayer before meal
  • Correct: Everybody should say his or her prayer before meal.

A lot of people use the pronoun “everybody” as plural. This is wrong since ‘everybody’ is a singular pronoun and must go with a singular possessive pronoun.

#2: Bad First Impression

Also, incorrect grammar will create a poor or bad impression of you before someone you are meeting for the first time. This becomes even more critical if it is a job-seeking situation.

If your sentences in a job interview are full of grammatical errors, you may end up creating poor impression about your ability regardless of how qualified you are for the job. This is also true about your resume. A job resume that is full of grammar errors such as improper punctuations, wrong spellings, and none-coherent grammar structure may disqualify you even if you have the skills required for the job.

This is why it is important to pay utmost attention to your grammar. And, since you definitely do not know it all, you should consider leveraging the best help you can get to ensure that both your spoken and written language is devoid of grammatical errors. So, you should consider joining those who check grammar and punctuation online free.

Typical Examples of Common Grammar Mistakes/Errors

Can you spot the mistakes that point to poor or incorrect grammar? Here are some of the common grammatical mistakes/errors pointed out by experts;

  • Sentence fragments with no subject or verb. Example: “Regardless of the consequences” This sentence is a fragment and makes little meaning. Instead, you should write; “She did not stop abusing drugs regardless of the consequences”
  • Wrong or confusing use of apostrophes — e.g. John’s going to school. The apostrophe used in this sentence indicates possessive rather than an omission of the letter ‘i’
  • Subject-verb agreement. Example: She eat rice every day. This is wrong since the subject “she” is not in agreement with the verb “eat”. Single noun/pronoun must go with singular verb. The correct grammar structure will be: She eats rice every day.
  • Wrong use of word. Example: “She excepted herself from the task” The correct word is exempted — “She exempted herself from the task”
  • The use of two negatives in a sentence as a way of pointing to the opposite of what you’re actually saying.
  • Improperly placed modifiers that seem to modify the wrong part of a sentence or separate words.
  • Sentences that feature ambiguous antecedent
  • Using preposition phrases excessively

Other common grammatical errors include vague pronoun reference, and the misuse of colon and semicolon.

How You can Improve Your Grammar Skills

If you are keen at improving your grammar skills, then you should find helpful resources to aid you in achieving your goal. Here are some great helps for enhancing your grammar skills;

Grammar Checker Software

All thanks to the Inspiration behind the internet and World Wide Web, you can assess best grammar checker with just a click of the button. These grammar checking software programs will help you check for the different grammatical errors listed above.

Using such programs is as simple as cutting and pasting your essay or other type of writing on the text input area of the software. Subsequently, you can check grammar online free.

Sign up for a Grammar Refresher Course

Luckily, you can find a lot of such courses online and may not need to sit in a brick-and-mortar classroom.


Indeed, there are tons of resources that can help you enhance your grammar skills, so that your written and spoken English can turn out perfect.


Looking for best grammar checker? You don’t have to look elsewhere. You are on the right web page.

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