The NEW/ OLD £5 notes

How many of you have noticed that the old £5 notes are already not accepted anywhere, but never mind how much you are trying to get rid of them, you still have at least one in yourself?

Now, when you have thought about it, do you know how is this happening? Many banks, shops and building societies are no longer obligated to take your old notes and almost all of them don’t, but what I noticed is that they do return them to you while giving you a change.

For instance, when you are in some cafe with friends, in pubs or in some club, like I said they do not take the old £5 notes, but they give you a change with them, which is really incorrect for me.

I have read in The Telegraph that we only have weeks to spend our old notes before they lose their legal tender status, but how are we expected to do it when nobody already takes them, and you still keep having more and more of the old £5 notes, instead of the new ones?

What is in the news today is that nobody has to accept the “Elizabeth Fry” notes as payment after 5th May, but only the new cooler polymer pounds with Winston Churchill’s face on them.

Let see first what people think about them:

“As a whole I think they are very beautiful, they are smaller than the previous, they have sparkles on them and are really thin and smooth. I just love them!” (Hristiyana,2017)

“I believe that printing money on polymer actually is a great idea because now they can be saved for the next generations, and besides, as you know they cannot be torn apart so no money will be spent on printing more because of being torn.” (Didi, 2017)

“To be honest, when I saw them at first my first reaction was: They cannot be destroyed, let’s bury them and see what will happen with time ha-ha-ha. I think they are really cool and they should make the rest of the pounds like the £5 note — indestructible.”(Elena, 2017)

What people are saying about them is that because they are new and printed on polymer, there is a chance for them to stick together and for you to give more than one note without noticing. Yet, they are definitely better than the previous ones. They can be wiped if you split any drink on them, they cannot be torn apart and besides, they are really cool, but what should we do with the old fiver?

People in the UK, my advice is if you have any old £5 notes, just go through the banks and try to change them with the new ones, because only in a month they will not be legal and will not be accepted anywhere. Moreover, try to pay attention when you receive a change, whether in shops or somewhere else if you are given the old ones because as I said, everyone is trying to get rid of them.